A New 24X7X365 Integrated Model
A ‘Cost-Effective-Quality Driven’ Safety and Medical information Solutions provider: Our fully compliant MICC is integrated with our on-site DRUG SAFETY DATABASE. We provide strategic support to pharmaceutical companies for products throughout their entire lifecycle. We are reimagining the existing common industry’s model with a fully automated, cloud-based platform enabled with machine learning (AI based integration).

INDIVIRTUS MICC team is capable to offer a flexible, modular, multilingual Medical Information service, ready to cater to your specific requirements. We have a team of experienced healthcare professionals ready to support all your medical information requirements in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Armenian, Croatian, Georgian, Hindi, Russian, Serbian, and Brazilian. Other languages can be supported by utilising an in-line translation service.

Working with you, INDIVIRTUS will create Operating Guidelines on how you would like to handle adverse events and product quality complaints.

INDIVIRTUS MICC’s query management system is a validated system. We offer a range of associated query management services, The medical information query management system is fully integrated with the drug safety system for efficient handling and processing of AE/ADR/PQCs and this includes:

  • Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) and Standard Response Document creation and maintenance

  • MI Inquiry Logging & Response

  • Product Complaint, Logging & Reporting

  • Adverse Event Logging & Reporting

  • Document Management

  • Literature Screening and review

  • Medical Writing


In addition to handling the traditional medical information communication channels of telephone, email, and fax.

  • Quick turnaround time for responding unique enquires

  • Record the nature of the information received and requested

  • Proper follow up management for all calls (MI, PQs & AEs)

  • Compliant with applicable local and international data protection requirements

  • Automated call routing with specific welcome message

  • Configurable automatic call routing based on language and skill

  • Monitoring of call statistics and KPIs