Data Management Services

As corporations collect large amounts of customer, product, transaction, market and social data, it becomes very important to manage, maintain and make sense of the data collected to get desired insights out of it. There is usually an overwhelming amount of data management solutions required, be it offline data entry or online data entry, converting your hard copy documents to soft-copies, documenting legal documents or forms, inputting invoices, or collecting information from customers/ vendors and data capturing services for unstructured documents management etc. We at Indivirtus helps the global corporations like Brokerage, Logistics, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant, Accounting Firms, Healthcare, Insurance, Entertainment, Property and Real Estate Industries etc. in managing their data effectively and efficiently.

Scope of our Services:

Data Entry Services: Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word & PDF), Online and Offline entry, Online order entry and follow up, Invoicing Form.

Data Conversion Services: PDF Conversion Services, Word Document Formatting Services, Spreadsheet Conversion Services.

Data Processing Services: Forms Processing, Insurance Claims Processing, Data De-duplication (Data Correction, Merging, Matching), Transactions Processing, Freight Bill Processing and Survey Processing services.

Data Analytics Services: Data analytics refers to the process of examining, cleaning, altering, overwhelming and modeling a company's data. Analyzing data about your Suppliers, Customers, Finances and Employees can help you discover a significant pattern and make pre-calculated business decisions.

Data Quality Services: High-quality data is collected and analyzed using a strict set of guidelines that ensure accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance, and timeliness.