Indivirtus – CRO Offers Real Time Cost Effective Solutions.

We provide medical billing and coding services with utmost security, following all HIPAA regulations to protect your sensitive data. We can provide you with the information required to fully understand the state of your practice. We provide reporting on payment and charges, accounts receivables, reimbursement, procedure code analysis, insurance analysis, payment analysis, bulk pending issues, and denials. We provide daily, weekly and monthly reports, thus keeping you updated on all aspects.

Daily and weekly Reports

These include daily call status, daily billing status, collection receipts, gross AR on that date, total value of insurance receipts, and write offs, all information to run your daily operations smoothly. A bi-weekly telephone meeting can be conducted to evaluate progress.

Month End Reports

These allow us to assess the momentum that has been achieved in a month and/or see where there is a pattern of nonpayment. Monthly meetings and on request video conferencing will be conducted.

Our Clients: