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Medical Scribe is a trained and certified professional who manages data of patients in an electronic medical record.
This is a new way of creating and maintaining the EMR by the scribe seating away from the clinic /hospital in a HIPPA complaint area in real-time using high-speed internet services. For more than decades physicians are under tremendous pressure to maintain the detailed EMR thus reducing their time spent with the patients. This reduces the number of patients seen per day thus adversely affect the revenue generation. A Medical Scribe acts as an extended support hand to the physician to maintain the EMR making the physician free to examine more patients resulting in more revenue. This also helps to reduce mental burden of the physician keeping him more agile.
Scribe is trained for following HIPPA guidelines, scribe fundamentals, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology and diagnostic imaging, medical coding, electronic medical records, case presentations and medical charting.

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