Indivirtus – CRO Offers Real Time Cost Effective Solutions.

Indivirtus offers an exclusive mix of competences in the food safety consultation arena.

We provide expert advice and scientific consultation to stakeholders involved in bringing food and beverage from “farm-to-table” such as producers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, food service solutions etc.

We have great team of board-certified toxicologists who are qualified by education and practice to perform various food safety evaluations.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Dossier Preparation & Notification.
  • Cumulative Estimated Daily Intake (CEDI) Assessment.
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) Assessment.
  • Dietary Intake Assessment.
  • Functional barrier and food migration studies.
  • Safety assessment on food packaging inks, coatings, glues.
  • BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials.
  • Non-Intentional Added Substance (NIAS) assessment.
  • Safety assessment of Food Allergens and Impurities.
  • Restricted and prohibited substances screening and recommend phaseout strategies.
  • Labeling & Claims Substantiation.
  • Technical & Scientific Writing & Publications.
  • White Papers & Monographs.
  • Expert Testimony & Litigation Support.
  • General Food Safety Consulting Services.
Our Clients: