Indivirtus – CRO Offers Real Time Cost Effective Solutions.

Often, a patient would be ineligible for benefits because his or her policy has been terminated or modified. Indivirtus can help practices dramatically reduce their accounts receivable cycle and increase revenue by significantly reducing the impact of ineligibility and increasing the number of “clean” claims that are sent to insurers (i.e., claims that are both complete and are only for patients who are eligible for benefits). Unfortunately, eligibility verification is one of the most neglected elements in the revenue cycle.
This challenge has become even greater with changing insurance rules and guidelines, and the flood of newly insured patients and patients who are changing plans. To improve cash flow, physicians need to verify eligibility and benefit coverage before claim submission.
Indivirtus can take care of all your insurance patient eligibility verification and authorization requirements. We provide professional solutions to help you:

  • Reduce denials
  • Minimize delayed payments
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction.
  • Enhance workflow
  • Save time
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