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Following data entry services are currently offered by Indivirtus as part of the revenue cycle management:

Demographic Entry

The Indivirtus specialists enter patient demographic details such as name, date of birth, address, insurance details, medical history, guarantor etc. as provided by the patients at the time of visit. For established patients, we validate these details and necessary changes, if any, are done to the patient records on the practice management system.

Charge Entry

The fee schedules are pre- loaded into the practice management system. CPT and ICD-10 codes are entered into the system. The billing specialists ensure that all details have been provided in the claim before it is ready for submission.

Payment Posting

All claims in the system are examined and priorities are set. First the claims close to their filing limits, and then work down from the age of claim. Periodic follow-ups over phone, email and/or online is done to get the status of each claim submitted to insurance company.

The quality of data entry affects the further processing of the case. Details of the four pillars of a valid case have to be reported meticulously. Patient information has to follow the HIPPA code for confidentiality. Reporter information has to clear and detailed enough to be able to contact the person if necessary. The event report has to be detailed enough for the evaluator to decide on the cause of the adverse event. This would include a chronological description of the event or events, nature, localization, severity, characteristics of the event, results of investigations and tests, start date, course and outcome, concomitant medications and other risk factors.

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